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Annual sales levels split by property type

In this analysis we've looked at how sales of property types have stacked up over time (literally!). For each of the last eight years we show what number of sales are accounted for by flats, terraces, semi- detached and detached homes. This analysis is very useful because it shows not only the total number of sales, but the types of properties it comprises.

Average property prices by type

Quarterly analyses of house price movements are a great way of seeing year-on-year changes. This chart is a particularly useful way to look at the market because it strips out seasonality, which can distort things and lead us to show things that might be inaccurate

Wealth categories

The profile of wealth is a fairly good gauge of the

day-to-day reality of residents in the local housing market. The government has drawn attention to the large numbers of people in the country who are 'JAM's or 'just about managing', and have pledged to help their property aspirations in the 2017 Budget. This chart shows the profile of our area based on their socio-demographic profile

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