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What next for house prices:

RICs forecasts the average UK house price will rise by six per cent a year for the next five years, Property bounce spreads across the country with prices tipped to rise 35% by 2020 -

Would you like to let your property!

Mark Walsh Estates Property Management Services.

We can offer you the best property management service available because we are a different breed of estate agents we are 100% committed to property management.

We have exclusive property managers who concentrate their resources on ensuring that your specific management needs are fulfilled. This means we will look after your property the way we look after our own, using their professional skills and the latest technology efficiently and cost-effectively.

The good news for owner-occupiers

There’s some good news for owner-occupiers thinking about letting their property. As their properties will usually be of a much higher standard than the majority of buy-to-let property on the market, they’ll get a big head start on much of the competition. They may let faster, attract a better class of tenant and possibly achieve a premium on the rental.


Letting can be a good way to enable you to move into more suitable accommodation whilst ensuring you don’t make a loss by selling in the current market. There are even mortgage products that can allow you to buy a new property whilst retaining your old one as an investment.

Please call Mark Walsh on

0787 264 7902

To discuss how we can tailor our services to your specific needs.

100% Dedicated To Property Management

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