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Faster Lettings With Property Management

Faster Leasing With Property Management

Vacancies mean profit losses. Understanding how to fill empty properties faster will help maintain a steady cash flow and actually help to maintain your property as well. Here are some ways a property management company can get you started in the right direction.


Ensuring your property is ready to go from the front door curb, throughout the property, and to the back fence is what should be expected by “rent-ready.” Real Property Managers knows that showing a property before it is completely ready can actually extend your vacancy period, and so we ensure that all cleaning and repairs are finished before advertising or showing a rental property.

Start Outside

Having a curb appeal for potential renters will encourage people to come in and take a look around on the inside.

Pull up to the curb of your property yourself and do an honest evaluation of what you see. Would you want to rent the property yourself based on first appearances? A good property management company will arrange for yard work and general repairs to the exterior. Without a good start on the outside, you’ll risk potential renters leaving before even taking a look at what the inside has to offer.

Safety and Security

Safety should also be a top priority when preparing for a new tenant. Re-keying after a tenant moves out should be standard policy for your property. Also checking smoke detectors are a must for the safety of your tenants. A good property management company will help ensure you follow all regulations required for the safety and security of new tenants.

Finish Inside

Complete all repairs and decorating before showing the property, and always clean up after work. Your Property Management Company will ensure a rental home is thoroughly and professionally cleaned and ready to be moved into. Once complete, Property Managers will ensure all appliances and other equipment are checked to ensure things are ready to go and working properly. Then they will perform a complete property inventory so you have the peace of mind to know your property will be rented in the shortest time possible, saving you time, headache and financial loss.

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