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A Briggers Guide To Property Cash Flow Is King

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Do You want to be financially FREE Do You Want the Financial Freedom Plan?

Let me take you back to 2000 I ended up in the estate agency business. I had investors coming in buying property I started to pick their brains. As the months went by, I was spending all my savings I started to think this is crazy I need to invest to get more income. So I put the lot of my savings into property £5k that was going to get me and income of about £150pm so I took the plunge bought the cheapest property I could afford about £30,000 it was minging deco was not good and I let it to the first person that turned up I told him I have got to decorate it first he said no he will do it. That was my first mistake in the letting business he moved in the paper rang me that he moved into a disgusting property I had a full page in the paper landlord from hell only after it was published did the paper call me to get my story and I also had the council visit me I sat there hands in my head, asked the council am I in trouble but luckily I had gas cert and electrics covered. I learnt that letting some one rent a property in bad condition on cheap rent is not the way to go (learn from me this is not the way to go). I soon figured out this is going cost me money what will happen if boiler blows up, I need 6 properties and quick.

So, I did the text book refurb re-mortgage get my deposit back stash as much money as I could do and do it again as quick as I could I did a lot of mistakes along the way. Today I own over 28 properties sold a few on the way turned a few into flats double cash flow on these worth about £3 million with rents over £12k all from one £5k investment. I have also managed over 500 properties for other landlords with properties worth over £60 million.

Do you know 90% of the population do not have enough money to live off in retirement. Most still working do not have a plan to financial FREEDOM are you one of them do NOT be one of them.

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